First-year head coach Vince Wolk and the Montgomery County varsity baseball team, 17-10 overall, were riding a postseason wave of success that began with a Class 3, District 6, Championship and from there just kept building until what seemed to good to be true finally was.

That's when the Wildcats dreams all came crashing down like a house of cards, and it was eventual state champion Blair Oaks, 23-11 overall, that proved to be the first bringer of bad news when it pinned that initial defeat on the team on May 27 in O'Fallon 4-2 at Carshield Field in the Semifinals. Adding insult to that injury the very next day was Saxony Lutheran, 23-4 overall, which lost to Fatima, 15-15 overall, on Monday to also end up in Tuesday's consolation game, and it was not happy about it.

The Crusaders, in turn, took their anger out on Montgomery County and it showed as this game just kept slipping further away until, finally, Saxony Lutheran put the Wildcats down 9-1.

Prior to this Montgomery County had looked rather commanding in victories over South Callaway, 24-9 overall, 9-2 on May 22 in the quarterfinals and Whitfield, 9-7 overall, 13-1 in sectional action.