Despite Michael Emmons stepping down as the Athletic Director at North Callaway High School after being employed by that school district for 31 years, the man said it himself when he stated the Thunderbird's were going to be in good hands because his replacement is Kevin O'Neal.

These two may have started out in a player-coach relationship, but now O'Neal has followed in his mentors footsteps to the point he's taking over for him and Emmons couldn't be happier about the fact the traditions he helped create are going to be kept alive. One example of how strong the athletic culture is for the Thunderbird's is that when you look back on their recent history you'll see numerous accomplishments like when the 1999 boys basketball team placed fourth in the state in Class 2A.

The Ladybird's hoops squad also did the green and white proud shortly after Emmons joined their ranks in 1990 when they finished third in the state for Class 2A.

On a more recent note, in 2007 the North Callaway varsity softball team made quite a run, as well, taking the runners-up position for Class 3.

On an even more recent note the 2017 cross country girls tried to upstage those accomplishment as best they could, but instead finished fourth for Class 2.

As for the girls track and field program, even though its the only one to make back-to-back championship challenges for Class 2A, those bouts with glory took place in 1986 and '87. That being said, the team did grab third and then second, respectively, but that's as far as they got.