When Ben Burton graduated recently from Wellsville-Middletown High School, even though the Tigers baseball team didn't make that final run like he was hoping, what lies ahead is getting ready to go play for Lindenwood College.

Ben Burton and his Father/Manager Earl Burton with the hardball squad will always have 2017, though. After all, that was the season when not only did Earl Burton move up from interim to full-time head coach of this team, but it was also the campaign in which this squad made it all the way to the championship game, only to fall just short to finish second in the state for Class 1.

As for the boys basketball program, it definitely claimed its own decade starting in 1980 when it finished fourth in Class 2A. That next season, 1981, the Tigers then proved they were no fluke by taking second in Class 1. It wasn't until 1986 that Wellsville-Middletown was able to match that feat by once again claiming the runners-up spot in Class 1A, and when the team did it again in 1987 this group finally started getting the credit it deserved.

The girls basketball program might be just as proud, but its list of accomplishments aren't quite as long. Instead, the Lady Tigers claim to fame lies in the run they made in 1983 that ended with them placing third.

The Wellsville-Middletown cross country girls also found a way to make their marks on the record books. Specifically, their resume' is from 2002 when the Lady Tigers placed fourth at the state meet.

One of the schools more recent accomplishments came in 2017 at the Scholar Bowl, where it finished third.