When it comes to making a run at a championship, the ones that are freshest in peoples minds, for obvious reasons, are the most recent ones.

That's why so many individuals surrounding the Community R-6 varsity athletics programs speak with such pride about the 2019 girls basketball team, because it finished third in the state for Class 1 in 2019.

Not that people don't also have a fondness for the accomplishments of the Trojans boys basketball team because they do. It's just that when that squad placed third in the state for Class 1A it was 2002.

Baseball helps mark a golden period in CR-6 sports because it was 2001 when this program made its mark by matching the boys hoops crew and coming in third in the state for Class 1A.

The ultimate achievement in the schools history had to have taken place in 1995, though. That's when head coach Lyndel Whittle guided the softball team to the Class 1A state title, the only one in school history according to MSHSAA.org.