According to this posting on the Mexico Community Schools Website, Athletic Director Jeff Anderson has retired:

"Jeff Anderson has been the Activities Director for Mexico High for eight years and an Assistant Principal with the high school for nine. Jeff has dedicated a total of 34 years to education.
Jeff shared, “I want to Thank the Mexico 59 School District for the opportunity to serve the students here in Mexico. I am truly blessed to have two sons and one daughter-in-law who are all Mexico graduates.” He added that he has enjoyed working for the Mexico School District because he has had the opportunity to work with a great group of teachers and coaches. He remembers, “We have shared a tremendous amount of success in our Activity and Sports Programs. Administration has always been very supportive as our student athletes as we have reached several amazing goals.”
Upon his retirement, Jeff plans to spend more time with family. He is also looking forward to extra hours at the YMCA and Golf Course. We will continue to see him on courts and fields at local schools where he will spend his evenings officiating his favorite sports.
Co-worker and friend Deb Haag shared, “Jeff loves to watch kids compete. He loves to watch them grow on and of the court, field, and mat. He celebrates their successes as if he is playing with them and he mourns their defeat with them as well. In the end, Jeff is happiest when watching a competition that he can cheer on our kids!”
Coach and co-worker Lindsey Yancey recalled, “Working with Jeff has been a truly wonderful experience. As a teacher, a student activity advisor, and a coach, I have had the opportunity to watch him be the #1 fan of our students and all they do. He is unabashedly proud of our students and, like a proud parent, takes advantage of any and all opportunities to share the great things happening in our school. As a coach I cannot begin to explain the amount of support I have enjoyed having from Jeff as my AD. He has made himself available as someone who is willing to help in pretty much any way I need and he has been a supportive and caring friend that walks beside his coaches if we experience challenges. I also really appreciate how he supports our student activities;  he has been a great partner for Student Council and has always empowered our students try new things. Not only does he give us the blessing to do almost anything the students are dreaming of doing, he often is also right there with us trying to make every event a success. Jeff is a great example of the servant leadership he believes in so strongly and I am so thankful I have had the opportunity to work with him all these years. 
Brad Ellebracht, MHS Principal continued, “Jeff's passion for our kids and our teams and activities has always been an inspiration to all of us. His loyalty to the students and programs at Mexico High School, while he has been here, is second to none. When our kids are successful, there is no one more enthusiastic and proud than Jeff.  He has also been a great role-model and mentor to the adults in our school, including me.”
Coach Keith Louder shared, "Jeff is passionate about the success of the teams at MHS. He is a great cheerleader for our teams. Jeff is one of the first faces the athletes and coaches will see at the end of game. He came to us from a varied background of schools, but he will leave education as a Bulldog!"
Congratulations on your retirement and thank you for your service to education."