A required change to the fee schedule for the Mexico Municipal Court was adopted Monday by the Mexico City Council.

Missouri Supreme Court Uniform Fine Schedule Committee enacted the revision, which went into effect May 1. The schedule includes the fine for municipal ordinance violations and court costs. “(It’s) violations that affects all city municipal courts,” City Administrator Bruce Slagle said.

Violations affected include animal control, housing and traffic. The committee did not notify municipalities, nor did it seek input from municipalities, Slagle said. “But they have a right to tell us what they need to be,” he said.

The uniform fine schedule is used statewide and are fines that can be paid in full prior to a court appearance. Some charges were added to the schedule from the last update in 2014, while others received modifications, Mexico Municipal Court Clerk Jamie Pehle said. Speeding, for example, is now charged based on 5 mph increments, rather than for the specific speed over the limit. “Ten mph over used to be $105 and now it’s $97,” Pehle said.

Of the violations listed in the schedule posted at Mexico City Hall, a court appearance is waived if the required fine is prepaid. Charges not listed in the fine schedule are not eligible for prepayment, Slagle said. A court appearance, for example, is now required for speeding in a school-zone so a judge can assess a fine, Pehle said.

Jason Lamb, presiding 12th circuit judge, issued a requirement that all courts within the district order the adoption of the uniform fine schedule. Mexico Municipal Judge Paul Stingley signed such an order May 9.

“At this point, staff would recommend the council concur with Judge Stingley’s order by adopting the revised uniform schedule for the Mexico Municipal Court,” Slagle said.

Fees can range in cost from $46.50 to as much as $192 in the schedule. This is inclusive of the fine and $36.50 court costs for any violation. Court costs include the clerk’s fee, crime victim’s compensation fund, police officer’s standards and training, law enforcement training fund, domestic violence shelter, inmate security, court automation fee and the sheriff retirement fund. Certain seat-belt violations, parking offenses and animal control violations do not include court costs in their assessed fees.