Special Events

The City of Mexico has Ball Fields Rentals available, which include City Field Number One for $100 a day and Garfield Softball Field for $50 a day. Details: www.mexicomissouri.net.


Organized Sports are Not Allowed

According to http://cr6trojanathletics.weebly.com/gymball-field-usage.html there is a Dead Week coming up from June 29-July 7. The Missouri State High School Activities Association Dead Period is defined by the Lincoln County R-III School District as:

"The dead period is a 'no school activities time'; no open gyms, competitions, practices, conditioning, weight training; no activity-related functions or fundraisers, camps or clinics at school facilities or sponsored elsewhere by the school; no coaches/directors or students may have planned contact other than casual, normal community, non-activity contact. The school dead period must be the same for all sports and activities. While there may be sports activities during this time, they must not involve the school coach, the school or school facilities."


Check out what is Available

The Centralia Panthers Boosters currently have two new t-shirt designs for sale for $10 that can be found at The Panther Shack or by contacting a booster.

Details: https://www.facebook.com/Centralia-Panther-Boosters-1638193836440282/


A Time to Remember

The Missouri Military Academy is hosting the Special Olympics Missouri this week and, according to its Facebook page, "It's been a joy to see their smiles and competitive spirits around campus."