Residents from across the state and locally are hoping to make Audrain County a little more green after filing business license applications with the state to operate medical marijuana facilities.

The state released a list July 2 of those seeking to open the potpourri of businesses that grow marijuna, produce marijuana-based products and dispense those products to individuals and caregivers with a medical marijuana prescription. The state received 160 cultivation facility pre-filed applications, 308 dispensary facility applications and 86 marijuana-infused product manufacturing facility applications as of July 2. The state also has collected nearly $4 million in nonrefundable license application fees.

Mexico City Council approved an ordinance in May authorizing in which zones manufacturing, cultivation and dispensaries can operate. Stacy Proctor of Mexico is seeking to open a manufacturing facility. A business name is not yet registered with the state. Susan Haralson of Rolla wants to open a dispensary in Mexico under the registered business name Premier Home Health Inc. Haralson also applied to open a dispensary under the same business name in Harrisonville.

Matthew John Sheehan of St. Charles is seeking to open a cultivation operation known as Bat Country Farms LLC and a manufacturing facility known as Mo’Roots LLC in Laddonia. Sheehan also has applied to open a dispensary in St. Charles.

The state can limit the number of facilities, but it cannot be less than one per 100,000 residents for a cultivation facility, one manufacturing facility per 70,000 residents and 24 dispensary facilities per congressional district, according to the medical marijuana amendment passed by Missouri voters. Audrain County was estimated to have 25,473 residents as of July 1, 2018, according to census bureau data.

Audrain County is part of the 4th congressional district, which is made up of 24 counties. So, there could be at least one dispensary in Audrain County. According to license application scoring criteria, those seeking a cultivation license already must have $300,000 in liquid assets, $150,000 for a manufacturing facility and $150,000 for a dispensary.

The Mexico ordinance limits manufacturing and cultivation productions to I-2 industrial zones, while dispensaries are zoned C-2 general commercial. A link to a Mexico zoning map is available at the bottom of the city of Mexico website. The businesses cannot be located within 1,000 feet of schools, churches and daycare centers.