With the Fourth of July came several athletic updates during the holiday weekend, one of which was the United States Women's National Soccer Team defeating Holland to win the World Cup 2-0 and extend what's been a truly dominant run by one our strongest International athletic representatives.

My problem with the entire controversy surrounding the squad is that I don't understand it. It's been proven several times that all the money the Federal International Football Association (FIFA) sends to US Soccer on both the men's and women's side is being moved forward, meaning nobody is sticking their hand in the till. The money issues here have nothing to do with greed or crime. The USWNT's response was if US soccer had invested more into them initially there'd be more money coming back.

What does that mean? Are these international teams getting paid based on TV ratings? If so, is that international or domestic? And whose rating system are we going by? Here in the United States we have the Nielsen System that we all know and somewhat understand. But when people simply throw their hands over their own heads in celebration of a goal then talk about what great entertainers they are, it took every player on that field to set that score up. That's what team sports are. Stop it, Megan!

And which one of you threw the flag on the ground so you could continue your pursuit of getting rich while playing a game every country on the planet loves EXCEPT this one? Perhaps the next time any of you want to go off on a foul-mouth rant on what a hard life you have playing a kids game, making six figures and traveling the world you should try it while sharing a train car or a bus aisle with Pat Tillman's widow. Bravery is more than purple hair and a willingness to complain about Donald Trump.


Two and through

Once the free agency period started for the National Basketball Association players began moving like pinballs and that didn't stop until the Clippers made an agreement that absolutely set them up for the present and made the Oklahoma Thunder the team to beat in the years to come.

Los Angeles' specific move was to give Russell Westbrook and crew what was reported by Adrian Wojarnowski of ESPN to be five first-round draft picks that are spread out of the course of several seasons for Paul George. Oklahoma will also receive European big man Danilo Gallinari and prospect Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. That might sound like a bit of highway robbery, but considering Toronto's Masai Ujiri was pressing the Thunder just as hard for George, that's why the price was so high.

The reason for the pressure was because wherever the former Pacer went so went Kawhi Leonard. Now these forwards are together playing for Steve Balmer and Doc Rivers in Los Angeles and when the Lakers were left wanting their solution was to sign Danny Green.

Now Zion Williamson is teamed up with Jrue Holliday in New Orleans, RJ Barrett and Julius Randle have found themselves together in New York with the Knicks and Kevin Durant may be out for another entire season, but he still followed Kyree Irving to Brooklyn. Lebron James and Anthony Davis have also become an incredibly dangerous duo, as have Derrick Rose and Andre Drummond in Detroit now that Blake Griffin's knee's aren't what they used to be and with Jayson Tatum in tow.

Even Jayson Tatum has a chance to shine once more in Boston now that Kemba Walker has come town on a max contract. The same could be said for Michael Porter Jr. in Denver now that he's finally starting to look healthy and Nuggets point guard signed a contract that made him the richest Canadian baller of all-times. The things is, with Isaiah Thomas moving on to Washington and the team trading for Jerami Grant from the Thunder, the competition for this young man is simply never-ending.