When the Van-Far Varsity Boy's Basketball Team won the state title during the 2017-18 season and then made such an exciting run during this past school year, it really ended up being no surprise when Trey Miller and Caden Wilburn earned themselves basketball scholarships.

Even Verlyn Johnson wound up claiming himself a track and field scholarship. Considering how athletically gifted he is that was probably just a matter of time. The accomplishments that group charted were the type off achievements many individuals end up remembering for quite a long time. If these individuals ended up taking those memories to their grave no one could blame them. What they achieved was incredibly unique and only happened because hard work and opportunity came together.

Individuals championships can be just as hard to come by, but the one thing these two much-lauded and rarely reached plateau's have in common is that it's most definitely a combination of hard work and good fortune coming together at just the right time. For former Lady Indian Penny Jennings that was definitely the case in 1979 when she won the 440 Dash in 59.26, just like it was when she claimed the 80-yard low hurdle in a time of 11.41.

The Van-Far Varsity Boys Track and Field has claimed just as many titles, but for them it was a matter of coming together as a unit to get things done. This included 2017 when the 4 x 100 relay team was victorious by clocking in at 44.58. That same year the squad also dominated the 4 x 200 relay after crossing the finish line in 1:31.85.