Sunday evening in Hannibal it all came down to a 10-10 contest with two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning with eventual game co-MVP Gabe Worthington of the hometown Pirates and team Missouri at the plate looking to make one final play before heading off to Missouri State University.

Instead of trying to be a hero Worthington knew exactly what to do and that was nothing at all, instead holding out for a quality pitch to hit that never came and instead drawing a game-winning walk that allowed Team Missouri to defeat Team Illinois 11-10 according to the events Facebook Page. The other game co-MVP Illinois' Isaac Shaw of Pittsfield. This was the seventh time this event has taken place. Illinois leads the series four to three. Missouri was coached by Hannibal's Ian Hatton.

Local players participating in this contest included Adam Forrest of Paris, Logan Wilson of Van-Far and Centralia's William Rolfson, Evan Stidham, Caden Vanskike and Gus Stidham.