On the one hand most would describe this as the time of year when Major League Baseball rules the sports scene because, other than the occasional auto race and Canadian Football, it's every clip on the Sports Center Top 10.

Others might say right now is the build-up to the best time of the year. That right now we, as sports fans, are creeping on a come-up that's going to last throughout the New Years Holiday. All we have to do is just be patient, wait a little longer and things like the start of the National Football League season will be upon us.

Already we've seen the Denver Broncos defeat the Atlanta Falcons 14-10 in what is annually the very first pre-season game of the year, The Hall of Fame Game. In that contest University of Missouri second round draft pick Drew Locke got his first taste of some real NFL game time for Denver, completing seven-of-11 passes for 34 yards and taking two sacks. Even though his head coach, Vic Fangio, is rumored to have been looking for more, perhaps Locke's eyes should be on Joe Flacco.

Another signal caller people are going to be watching this season is Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs. Fate did him no favors by removing Kareem Hunt from the mix, and while it looked like he was going to be able to put the Tyreke Hill drama in the rear view and move forward, injury may have other plans for the attention-drawing wide receiver. However the surrounding cast and crew works out, if Mahomes continues to perform like he did at Texas Tech than K.C. is in good hands.

Hunt may not be anybody's ideal brother-in-law, but it certainly appears he landed on his feet with the Cleveland Browns. True, he does have what currently stands as an eight-game suspension to serve, but not only does only he, his lawyers, Cleveland and the league truly know exactly where this situation stands from a legal standpoint and what the possibility is of that suspension getting reduced, but starting running back Duke Johnson has asked to be traded. Just shows how drama breeds contempt.

When the National Basketball Association's Summer League in Las Vegas was running some thought we might see one-time Mizzou player Michael Porter Jr. take the court for the Denver Nuggets after he sat out his entire rookie season because of injury. Considering the amount of games he played for the Tigers was so incredibly limited I think we'd all like to see him hit the hardwood and represent, but based on what the organization described as precautionary measures, that never happened.

The Chiefs don't have a single player that went to college in Missouri. Because of their location the fact they have Kansas State wide receiver Byron Pringle and guard Abdul Beecham might mean something locally, but I'd personally like to see all the Ohio State products replaced with Mizzou grads. Urban Myers low-level morality and those that stem from it aren't what K.C. need right now, all things considered.

Instead, Andy Reid and his relationship with Mahomes is a perfect example about what's right with this organization. After all, it wasn't that long ago Romeo Crennel was in the stadium parking lot pleading with Jovan Belcher.