The Federated Garden Club of Mexico met Aug. 27 at Scattering Fork Outdoor Center with Madge Moore acting as hostess. Two mason bee houses have been purchased and set up at the Community Garden at a cost of $56.84.

Donna Bingham gave the horticulture tip, noting that the Japanese beetles will be leaving in July. Members discussed the destruction of their flowers, trees and garden vegetables.

The plant of merit was reported for Linda Ahmann on the Jenna Phlox which attracts great numbers of butterflies.

Laura Pitts said the district training held Aug. 23 included simplifying the process for applying. She also handed out invitations to those present for the district meeting Oct. 10 in Mexico.

Horticulture Therapy at Teal Lake included completing magnetic butterflies for their walkers.

Madge Moore reminded members the Monarch Butterflies’ fall migration begins soon.

Mary Allen noted all five milkweeds provide food for them.

Help is needed staking tomatoes at the Community Garden.

The Help Center Tasting and recipes were presented by Laura Pitts, who made Heaven and Earth with potatoes, apples and leeks. Linda Ahmann made bok choy slaw and bean dip.

SFOC Waystation’s special events have been well attended, The waystation’s National Grandparent’s Day will be held Sept. 9.

The nominating committee for 2019 will meet in September.

In unfinished business, the club has been asked to add Missouri Day to the Oct. 10 meeting agenda.

The club is also adding a called meeting Sept. 17 at the library to complete our preparations for Oct. 10.

A program was presented by Laura Pitts on hypertufa paper crete for hands-on pot making.

The next meeting is scheduled for 10 a.m. Sept. 25 at Chance Gardens in Centralia.