Shana Bowen in just five short months has gone from operating a home-based special-order baking business to opening her storefront in downtown Mexico. She will open Get Baked Bakery 7 a.m. Saturday in the 100 block of South Washington Street next to Ty-Land and across from The 581 and Vegas Burritos. A ribbon-cutting will come at a later date.

Bowen has been baking around six years for fun at home.

"Every once in a while, you get a kick for something sweet and so you'd make something," she said.

That recreation developed into a home-based special order baking business in April.

Her new location allows her to sell a variety of goods to the public. The business interior features exposed brick and painted walls with images of baked goods, display cases for products and a number of seating options.

The menu includes delights from Bowen’s cherished childhood memories, like decorated sugar cookies.

"I used to bake sugar cookies with my mom, [Trish Turner], when I was a kid. We used to love doing that together, it was a great family time," Bowen said.

She realized that Mexico needed a dedicated bakery offering various goods, she said. While the majority of her business will focus on various flavors of cupcakes, including the aptly named "Bart Simpson," consisting of a chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting and Butterfinger pieces on top, Bowen also will have a variety of other baked goods as well. Breakfast items, such as biscuits and gravy are on her menu, along with other breakfast sweets such as cinnamon rolls and muffins.

"I do lots of specialty cupcakes. I like to mix flavors and try new things. Something that you can't just go get anywhere,” Bowen said. “I do turnovers. Something unique that you just can't go get [right now].”

Bowen makes all of the baked goods in-house, and she tries to source local ingredients, such as apples and honey, when possible, she said. The business also will feature edible cookie dough from a Springfield-based business, which Bowen thinks will be a big hit. Visitors also can get a hand-scooped Central Dairy ice cream milkshakes.

Cream horns are Bowen's favorite thing to bake. They require wrapping and baking puff pastry around horn-shaped molds before filling them with whipped cream.

"My friends and family have always been supportive when I would make something,” she said. “Obviously, I didn't want to eat it all, so I'd share, and they'd say, 'You need to just do this [as a business]. We need this in Mexico.’”

Bowen is excited for Saturday and said she is hoping for a line that extends out of the door.

"I just hope that everybody that wants to try something, can get in the door and try it,” she said. “I hope I don't run out, to be quite honest. We've gotten a lot of love and shares on Facebook. So we are definitely preparing for a huge crowd.”

Bowen's family has been her lifeline during the business opening process. Her mother, daughters and fiance will be at the business Saturday for help and support.

“I'm just overwhelmed with the amount of attention we've received as far as people being excited that we're opening,” she said. “I'm very excited for the people of the community to come and try us out and hope they enjoy their experience.”