Horseshoe tournament raises money for Missouri Veterans Home

The Mexico Brick City/Silver Hair Horse Shoe Pitching League held a tournament Sept. 21 as a benefit for the Missouri Veterans Home.

Forty-eight pitchers turned out for the event, which raised around $2,000 for the home. The league also received donations from local businesses. League member Sara Marshall works at the veterans home as a certified nursing assistant and suggested a tournament be held to benefit the home.

Tournament results

Doubles Class A

1. Rodney Brester and Brady Fox [7-0]

2. Larry McAffee and Glen Light [5-2]

3. Larry Brown and Calvin McGraw [4-3, 60 losing points]

4. Eugene Freels and Jon Smith [4-3, 57 LP]

5. Charlie Ward and Bo Oligschlaeger [4-3, 48 LP]

6. Ralph Throckmorton and J.R. Nute [2-5, 101 LP]

7. Ronnette Lerma and Bill Hendrix [2-5, 69 LP]

Doubles Class B

1. Jalin Bockman and Rose Bockman [7-0]

2. Dan Hubbard and Lee Hubler [5-2]

3. Johnathan Wallace and Bill Jordon [4-3, 45 LP]

4. Tim Reevs and Mac McAhaney [4-3, 32 LP]

5. Damon Buckman and Jim Johnson [3-4, 71 LP]

6. Rodger Johnston and Buddy Atkins [3-4, 50 LP]

7. Randy Clithero and Charlie Maupin [2-5]

Doubles Class C

1. Tom Fox and Maurice Campbell [5-0]

2. Dean Ward and Sam Banks [3-2, 33 LP]

3. Louis Hursman and Mike McAhaney [3-2, 21 LP]

4. Duane Freels and Blake McAhaney [3-2, 18 LP]

5. Mike Reynolds and Ron Borcherding [2-3]

Doubles Class D

1. Neil Wallace and Robert Martin [5-0]

2. Paul Marshall and Billy Shaw [4-1]

3. Sara Marshall and Louie Schmidt [3-2]

4. Jim Koons and Justin Smith [2-3]

5. Jeremy Maggert and Dylan Jones [1-4]


Class of 1959 holds reunion

See above photo.


MHS Class of 1956 holds reunion

Mexico High School Class of 1956 held a reunion picnic Sept. 14 at the Teal Lake Shelter, with 34 members and guests attending.

A silent prayer was held and two class members held a prayer for classmates with health issues and other concerns. Carol [Crews] Harlow was in charge of the day's preparations. The meal was catered by Tex Red's of Centralia with homemade desserts furnished by Delores [Sumpter] Groves, Shelbia [Snow] Jones and Carolyn [Corner] Wisdom.

Those attending were: Clarence & Bobbie Winter of Georgetown, Texas; Jim and Alice [Hane] Davis of Arey, Wisconsin; Kit Bond of St. Louis; John Doss of St. Louis; Alan and Nancy Neifert of St. Peters; Carol Ann [McCune] Davis of Imperial; Gary Kitchen of Columbia; Kathryn [Neill] Burkett of St. Charles; Edith [Higbee] Selby of Columbia; Jim and Diana Williams of Montgomery City; Harlow, Wisdom and Gary and Shelbia [Snow] Jones all of Centralia; Groves of Thompson; Don Bishop, Barbara [Dudley] Robinson, Joe and Connie [Vance] Johnson, Bob and Shirley [Payton] Marty, Howard and Dorothy [Hoover] Graf, Sonny and Virgie Dillard, Charles and Joyce Duckworth, Glenn and Annette [Hacker] Hatfield and Sue [Crump] Johnson all of Mexico.


Friendship Circle holds dinner

The Friendship Baptist Church Friendship Circle held its monthly carry-in dinner Sept. 16.

Those attending were Margie Bastion, Alice Edwards, Linda Wilson, Mike and Shelley Lust, Harodl and Carolyn VanSickle. Other attendees were Roger Montague, Karen Wehrman, Jerry Taylor, Chuck and Patricia Mayes. Pat Taylor prayed over the meal and for friendships. Jesse Edwards and Janet Carson celebrated September birthdays.

The next dinner is 6 p.m., Oct. 21, in the Friendship Baptist Church fellowship hall. All seniors are welcomed.