Four Mexico residents were arrested Saturday morning for allegedly trespassing at a Holiday Inn and Suites in Jefferson City. Two cooperated with police, while the other two attempted to evade capture resulting in the injury of an officer.

Richard Matthews, 38, an alleged parole absconder with multiple felony warrants, ran behind an area business before he was apprehended. Zachariah Jones, 34, who stayed at the scene, later reportedly resisted arrest.

A Jefferson City Police Officer was sent to the hotel at about 11 a.m. due to suspicious activity in the hotel's parking lot, according to a probable cause statement. The officer saw a white car in the lot with its hood up with Jones and Matthews speaking to Angelika Tocco, 30, and Christopher Goff, 34, in the parking lot. The officer talked with a hotel employee and Matthews. Tocco and Goff cooperated with officers, according to a news release.

The employee informed the officer and Matthews that they couldn't stay in the parking lot if they were not renting a room. Matthews told the officer he was not a hotel guest. Matthews allegedly fled during their conversation.

Jones was grabbing items from the car when the officer returned, according to the probable cause. Jones, Tocco and Goff were detained for trespassing on the hotel property. The officer asked for Jones' identification after explaining that the group was trespassing. Jones allegedly screamed at the officer, saying he didn't have to identify himself.

Jones reportedly pulled away from another officer holding his arm. Believing Jones would run, the arresting officer reportedly wrapped his arms around Jones. Jones reportedly continued to resist the officers. The arresting officer tripped Jones, sustaining a leg injury during the fall.

Jones reportedly tried to roll away from the officer.

Jones was taken to a patrol vehicle and searched. Officers allegedly found a digital scale with a residue on it and three used syringes. Jones continued to refuse to identify, but an officer at the scene reportedly recognized him. Jones reportedly already had a Jefferson City failure to obey warrant.

Jones was charged with third-degree assault, special victim and resisting arrest, both felonies, and trespassing and possession of drug paraphernalia, both misdemeanors. Further court information for Matthews, Tocco and Goff was not available but officers are seeking charges of resisting arrest, possession of controlled substances, drug paraphernalia and trespassing from Cole County Prosecuting Attorney Locke Thompson.