The Mexico High School Class of 1955 will hold reunion events every other month starting Feb. 5 at Pizza Hut.

All get-togethers will take place 11:30 a.m. at the restaurant. Class members are encouraged to bring their spouse or other guests to enjoy reminiscing.

All events dates are Feb. 5, April 1, June 3, Aug. 5, Oct. 7 and Dec. 2.

Reunion committee members are Barbara [Stotler] Stuarst, or 573-581-6491; Beverly [Clark] MacFarlane, or 573-581-7611; Beverly [Smith] Talley, 573-473-6307; Virgie [Thompson] Dillard, or 573-581-1668; Janie [Day] Maxwell, or 573-721-3533; Helen [Divers] Doyle, 573-581-3473; Lois [Snow] Hamilton, or 573-253-6711; Gary Kitchen, 573-449-6948; Tom and Joan Roberts,, 573-581-3586.

Contact one of the committee members if you plan on visiting Mexico outside of event dates so a group of classmates can gather for coffee, lunch or just visiting.