Mexico always seeks to face challenges head on, even one as monumental as the new coronavirus pandemic.

So, to keep community spirits up and to help support local businesses, the Mexico Area Chamber of Commerce created a hashtag for community members to show what they are doing in spite of COVID-19 — #MightyMexMO. The campaign started April 1.

While the chamber was waiting on information from the federal Small Business Administration to give to members and other community businesses, it wanted to find a practical way to keep community unity, connections and morale, chamber Executive Director Dana Keller said.

“We are here to help provide anything the business community needs,” she said. “We appreciate our members, but during times like this we are not just here for our members.”

The chamber wants to keep the Mexico business community stable through its resources and events such as MightyMexMO.

Event details are posted on Facebook around 6 a.m. on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The chamber and Mexico Jaycees through its junior chamber of commerce review posts where the MightyMexMo hashtag or event hashtag is used and a winner is chosen to receive a prize from the jaycees. Winners receive a gift card to a local business.

“We just figured it is something people could have to look forward to and to keep businesses supported,” Keller said.

Retailers and other businesses will provide information Wednesday on services still offered and their contact information. That list will be compiled through the event from MightyMexMo and will have the complementary name of MerchUpMexMo.

Friday’s focus is about local nonprofits. Residents can either support nonprofits financially or share stories of how a local nonprofit helped them in a time of need through the #BetterTogether complementary hashtag.

The chamber wants people to show off their talents Sunday with a #VirtualTalentShow.

“We are encouraging people to share YouTube videos, TikTok videos. Anything they want to share,” Keller said.

Sunday challenges typically focus on families, while events on other challenge days try to support essential services or restaurants.

Past events have focused on health care since so many in the community have some connection to the health care industry in some way, Keller said.

The April 5 event encouraged families to have a sit-down uninterrupted Sunday dinner. The event started with the ringing of a bell from homes and from churches to signify the start of the meal.

“It did not matter what the dinner looked like. [It was] about that time together,” Keller said.

Depending on how the COVID-19 response progresses, MightyMexMO events may extend into May. The chamber also is considering keeping the Facebook page and hashtag active even after the pandemic situation improves to showcase businesses and individuals who are doing great things for Mexico, Keller said.

The MightyMexMo hashtag is not about personal acclaim but is about the impact of supporting the community, she said.

“People are looking for how to make this [pandemic] easier for everyone and so I love to watch our individual businesses and community members find ways to step up,” Keller said.

Going through a shared emergency like the COVID-19 pandemic will have a major impact financially and due to loss of life, but communities like Mexico will have more focus and be stronger altogether as community health improves, she said.

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