The privately funded Kings Daughters Home in Mexico is in need of the community’s help. Because it does not receive Medicare funds, the home does not have access to the same resources as other nursing facilities when making purchases or receiving COVID-19 protective equipment.

The intermediate and residential care facility is in need of N95 masks, gowns, gloves, hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes and snacks for the residents.

“We have one mask for each employee, so that does not do very good for very long,” Business office manager Sandy Finch said.

Staff will wear masks when interacting with residents, Director of Nursing Kristina Miller said. Staff temperatures are taken daily and they make sure to wash their hands frequently throughout their shift, she said.

The home is starting to run low on sanitizing wipes because every piece of mail is sanitized and door handles are wiped down multiple times per day among other surfaces.

“We had some donated and we are down to just a couple left,” Finch said. “We don’t have an active case here. We don’t want want one and we are trying so hard to prevent that.”

Donations can be dropped off at the main entrance to the home at West Boulevard during business hours or at the entrance that faces Eugene Field Elementary School after hours. There are doorbells at each door where donations can be dropped off. The home is under lockdown procedures so those with donations will not be allowed inside.

Donations are quarantined for at least 24 hours before use. The home has received a majority of donations through resident family members, Finch said.

“They are working hard to keep us in supplies and they are donating most of that,” she said.

The Kings Daughters Circle also has worked to acquire supplies for donation.

Staff at the home are working to keep morale up for the 43 residents. The social services director has helped residents arrange video conferences with family members. Any phone calls are put through to residents as well. Residents also have window visitors where they can look out a window to see their family.

The women also enjoy having snacks available throughout the day. Anything from sandwich crackers, sugar-free candy, chips, snack cakes and granola bars is welcomed, Finch said.

“Anything to let them know the community is still thinking about them,” Miller said.

Staff recently were supported as part of National Nursing Home week. Mexico restaurants provided meals for home staff, care packages were provided to residents and there was a special dress-up theme each day.

“We had a parade here a couple weeks ago for the residents and their families to drive through,” Miller said. “It put a smile on the residents’ faces.”

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