There is a fine line between extreme confidence and cockiness, especially at the prep level, and Blue Springs High School football coach Kelly Donohoe believes his senior quarterback Dom Harkness has discovered it.

“Dom’s going to be a good one, a real good one,” a smiling Donohoe said Wednesday following the Wildcats first afternoon practice. “You know, in high school, you don’t want your quarterback to be that cocky kid the other teams hate. But you want him to be confident, so his teammates have confidence in him – and that’s how we feel about Dom.”

Harkness injured his MCL and meniscus in Week 2 of his junior season, playing in a junior varsity game against Rockhurst.

“The only good thing about that was that it happened my junior year and not my senior year,” Harkness said, after running for one touchdown and throwing a pinpoint touchdown pass in a late-practice scrimmage.

“I got back and was able to play a little bit late in the season, but all that did was get me fired up for this season. We’ve all been working hard and can’t wait for our first game – 16 days away (at William Chrisman High School).

“But we have a lot of work to get in before our first game.”

The Wildcats got in plenty of work Wednesday, but his team’s first afternoon practice left the veteran coach with mixed emotions.

“Our first two practices were in the morning, and I felt like we really got a lot done,” Donohoe said. “But we need to do better than we did today. Maybe it was guys sleeping in till noon, eating the wrong food, not hydrating the way they should – but we just weren’t as good today as we were the past two days.

“And that was addressed and you could tell the guys knew what we were talking about. I’m anticipating a much better, crisper practice tomorrow.”