Mexico seniors Jennifer Jacobi and Lexi Winterbower this tennis season have moved up a couple of notches in playing the top two singles positions respectively and as a result, the duo have enjoyed one another's company while sharing the same court together as the Lady Bulldogs No. 1 doubles unit while playing for head coach Kim Costley.

“Jennifer has a really good back hand, and I'm better with my forehand so we bring good balance to the court when we play,” said Winterbower.

Following their 8-5 triumph against Moberly's top doubles team in the semifinal round of the Class 1 District 8 Team Tournament, the duo did not know of their season-to-date record at that point but acknowledged they have had their fair share of ups and downs.

Although dreams of qualifying for a state sectional playoff round ended the next day when they lost to Palmyra in the championship, Jennifer and Lexi said the memories of playing together and relishing the fun moments spent while chasing tennis balls tops the wins and losses.

“In the beginning it was really rough but now we've figured each other out pretty good. We're getting along, being more comfortable and we're communicating a lot better. Most of all, we have fun together on the court,” said Jacobi.

Both girls are two-sport athletes and keep themselves involved in several Mexico school activities, including the participation in theatre and they are members of the school's Spanish Club.

Jennifer competes in track and field, and after high school graduation the daughter of Jay and Diane Jacobi plans to attend the University of Missouri-Columbia and pursue a degree in health sciences field.

Meanwhile, Lexi has a few other items on her extra-curricular plate as she is also involved in speech & debate, band, key club and in the spring season the daughter of Mark and Missy Winterbower plays soccer. She is inspired to become a teacher and has plans to pursue such a degree while attending the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg.

Here's getting to know Jennifer and Lexi a little more.


Favorite TV show and movie?

Lexi enjoys watching Trailer Park Boys on television, and her favorite movie is Step Brothers. For Jennifer, it's Grey's Anatomy and The Shawshank Redemption.


What would be your favorite meal consist of?

Jacobi wants to have chicken & bacon Alfredo sauce pizza from Dominoes sitting in front of her, while Winterbower's is pretty simple; cheese burger and macaroni & cheese.


Favorite song and music artist?

For these Class of 2020 members, their vision of music happens to be from a much older generation. Lexi enjoys any of the hard rock tunes from the band Queen, and for Jennifer it's Rocketman by Elton John.


Fondest vacation destination?

Jacobi recalls time spent with family in Illinois and the group went hiking. Winterbower enjoyed her trip to the Aloha State because the tropical oasis that Hawaii displays makes life appear more peaceful there.


Name 3 things on your Bucket List.

“I want to go skydiving, travel the world and pilot a big yacht,” said Lexi.

Jennifer said “I like to get first place at state track in something, travel the world and fly a plane.”


If you was given one super hero power, what would it be and why would you want it?

“I would want to have extremely stretchable limbs because I am not that tall,” said Lexi Winterbower. “If I was able to grow and expand as long as I wanted, then I could do about anything that I wanted to do.”

“This may seem corny but I'd want the power to have or possess any power that I want,” said Jennifer Jacobi. “That would make me cool. If I felt like I wanted to read someone's mind or thoughts, then poof I'd be able to do that. If I wanted to be an elastic girl today, then I'm doing that. It allows me to do whatever I want at any time.”